Keeping safe

1. Make sure you keep shoes worn outdoors to one area ( taken off when you re-enter your home)
 Leaving slippers or indoor shoes to swap when possible on entry.
2. When you do have to go for an essential shop try and use your own shopping bags rather than the baskets provided to walk around the shop, gloves are recommended as they will help to remind you to prevent touching your own face before washing or removing if nothing else.
3. As tempting as it is try and only send one person from your home to the shops every two weeks for supplies ( two of you going doubles your chances of spread or contamination)
4. Try to leave your mobile in your bag or pocket to avoid using it while shopping for essentials to speed up time and possible exposure to contaminated atmospheres also mobiles are terrible germ hoarders! 
Use an antibacterial gel if possible when touching your car/ house door handles and keys these are