Top Tips for Designing Your Living Room

Your living room is the focal point of your entire house. Your guests will be entertained there and you will spend the majority of your time awake in that room. We offer some top tips for how you can decorate your living room so that it’s not only comfortable but is also suitable for you and your family.

Consider the logistics
The best place to start when planning the design of your living room is to take a good look at the space you have and think about the size of furniture that would be best suited for your space. You might have spotted a giant couch on the internet that you think would look great, but if your dream piece of furniture creates an awkward space with not much room for anything else, it’ll soon become a nightmare.

Once you’ve analysed just how much space you have to work with you can begin choosing your layout. Try and create an arrangement that’s cosy. For example, placing two matching sofas opposite each other, with a coffee table sandwiched in the middle, is the perfect way to create an intimate zone for a coffee and a chat.

Decide on your style
After deciding on the general layout, you’ll want to choose a style for the room. The good news is, there are a lot of styles to choose from, the bad news is, there are a lot of styles to choose from. It’s important to narrow down your choices as much as possible and simply go with whichever you feel drawn to.

To add a little character to the room, you could bring in the rustic aesthetic. Country style is a simple and easy way to add character and warmth to a home. Exposed brick, natural materials, glass jars and more all add a charming rustic simplicity.

Choose the focus
To really add some umph to the design of your living room, you could add a feature wall, a unique piece of furniture or centrepiece. You’re aiming to give your living room a focal point. This could be a large canvas of a particular piece of art you’re fond of or a display of family photos on a specific wall.

The easiest way to make a statement with most living rooms is by sprucing up your fireplace. Fireplaces are often an obsolete feature of many modern homes, however, a rustic or period fireplace can be transformed into an eye-catching set piece. If it’s large enough, fill it with a modern wood burner or you can simply place a vase of eye-catching flowers on the hearth to brighten up the room.

Consider your lifestyle and get creative!
A lot of homeowners are disheartened by the idea of interior design. It can be very easy if you have small children or energetic pets to go with a very minimalistic approach to avoid any furniture being ruined, and while it is important to choose your upholstery appropriately, you shouldn’t let it stop you from experimenting.

It can also be difficult to choose a style and stick to it and there’s always the heartbreaking reality of your budget. To get the most from your living room, simply be creative. Mix up your furniture, display an eclectic mixture of framed photographs, quotes and prints on a picture shelf. It’s also helpful to choose geometric wallpaper for a feature wall.