New Year - time to declutter!

It’s a new year and if you're looking to start off 2017 the right way with a home that's not full of clutter than we're here to help. We get it, your possessions can build up over time and before you know it, your home has been overwhelmed with tat and clutter. Our guide will help you to spot the useless amongst the treasured possessions, so that you can actually get a little sunlight into the house. 

1. Books
Not all books, but the ones that you didn’t like or couldn’t get into are just taking up the precious space on your bookshelf. Charity shops always appreciate books and there are always book bins at your local refuse site.

2. Broken or unused appliances
The coffee machine the needs expensive coffee taking up space on the counter, that cooking tool that always makes the utensils draw stick and the chocolate fountain you had out for a party 4 years ago is all stuff that needs to go! Have a good clear out, assess if you ever need to use an Ice Tea maker and throw it out.

3. Old spices

When you first bought that spice rack, it only held the essentials. Now it’s overflowing with mustard seeds and thai spices. Declutter your kitchen by getting rid of your useless spices.

4. Useless tupperware
We all have those lunchboxes that are missing a lid (or vice versa) and if anything is ever going to fall out of the cupboard, it’s the Tupperware. Time to get rid.

5. Out of date tech
Old mobile phones, desktop PC’s even games consoles, take up room and cause a tangle of wires. There are lots of high street stores that are willing to take the stuff off your hands for money, even if it’s only &10 for everything, that’s better than having them in your cupboard.

6. Baby stuff
Once you’ve got the desired amount of children and your kids are no longer babies, you should throw away the baby things, or re-gift them to expectant friends and family. 

7. VHS and CD's
Any dead formats you have kicking about the house will need to be thrown. Unlike other formats the value of VHS and CD as a collector’s item just doesn’t exist. Even most charity shops don’t sell VHS anymore. Time for a trip to the local tip?