Which Home Feature Has the Most Influence on Prospective Buyers?

According to a recent survey, almost half of prospective buyers are most influenced by a new kitchen when buying a new home, with an additional 28% would be prepared to offer a higher price as a result.

Following closely behind is a new bathroom, which would influence 46% of home-hunters with a quarter of those saying they would pay a higher price tag.

Surprisingly, new windows were ranked third most important, however, as a reason for upping the price, a new extension was more important. 


The level of desirability appears to depend mostly on how practical a feature is. New windows, loft insulation and boiler are all useful features which can contribute to keeping a home more comfortable and keep your energy bills down.

Whilst the results are mostly for fun, it’s extremely helpful for those thinking about renovating their home or for those looking to gauge what prospective buyers are currently interested in when it comes to property.