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All about Langley


Ford Motor Company opened a commercial vehicle component factory at Langley airfield in 1949 then bought the entire site from Hawker Siddeley in 1959.


Langley boasts a popular college  minutes away from Langley station on the mainline from Oxford to London


East Berkshire college in Langley includes many course a £5m sports centre

Over 500 Microsoft surface pros to enable independent learning and so much more.


Langley carnival is also a popular annual event on the second Saturday in July at the Langley Park Memorial Recreation Ground .

It is rumoured that Langley is haunted by a ghost in a yellow coat!


Over the past 7 years we have seen local price increases of up to 66% with Langley’s house prices rising to an average of £360,000. This is ‘The Crossrail Effect’. Neighbouring areas are likely to see further increases when the line opens.

Village Crossrail locations such as Burnham, Iver, Richings Park and Langley offer suburban but leafy surroundings which is a key selling point for attracting demand.