First Impressions Count

Here are some thoughts on how to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer:

• Outside
Make sure that the house does not look a mess outside. Tidy up. If you can, hide the bins behind a screen. Put in some pot plants – feed and water them as dead and dying plants are worse than no plants. Consider painting the front door – make it welcoming – put a new mat down!

• Inside

Make sure that the hallway is de-cluttered. Yes, it’s how you’ve always lived but no-one coming in is interested in your old boots or bicycles. Try and lighten up the space – consider mirrors to make most of the light. Leave the lights on in the hall so that when your prospect comes to view it is light.

• The kitchen

Many people regard the kitchen as the heart of the home. You have to make the kitchen welcoming and to give your prospects the good feeling that they could imagine themselves cooking and eating there. Tidy up the kitchen and de-clutter. Remove piles of post and all those notes that you hang up on the walls – make sure that your kitchen cupboards have been cleaned inside and out - you’d be surprised at how many people nosey inside your drawers!

• Utility room

Make sure that you de-clutter and tidy up the utility room. Don’t leave a pile of clothes there for washing or ironing. Don’t leave a dripping tap un-mended.

• Bedrooms

Make sure that the beds are all made. If you have bunk beds then take off the top level to make the room look larger. Make sure that the bedrooms look fresh – would you want to sleep in a smelly room? 

• Bathroom

Make sure that the towels are hung up. Put some nice soap on display. Try and give the bathroom a fresh feel. Fill in any cracked plaster. A good paint job in the bathroom is not expensive. Also make sure that the taps don’t drip – it really puts buyers off and it doesn’t cost much to mend!

• Lavatories

Make sure that the seats are down. A bit of bleach never goes amiss!

• Garden

Even if your prospects are not gardeners they all want to see a nice garden. Make sure the grass is mown and weeding has been done. Remove dead or dying plants. If you have garden furniture then ensure it looks neat and tidy.

Finally, think light and space. The whole idea is that you invest a little time and a little money to ensure that you achieve a sale at the best price you can achieve. Remember, a well dressed home sells quicker and, more often, at a higher price.
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