Spring trends 2018

Get ahead with sorting out your home using these bright and easy ideas.
  • Cupboard tops - the tops of kitchen cupboards get greasy as well as dusty. Lay down sheets of newspaper along the tops (cut them so they are out of sight), then simply change them when you want to clean.
  • Bin cleaning - a small amount of fresh cat litter in the bottom of your kitchen bin helps soak up any stinky leaks from bin bags.
  • Dusting - a microfiber cloth will pick up more dust from surfaces than a normal rag.
  • Washing duvets - single duvets should fit most washing machines, but a double requires a 7kg capacity drum and a king size up to 9kg. Follow wash label instructions. For an even wash fold the duvet in half, lengthways, then feeding it into your machine in a corkscrew-style turning motion.
  • Use cold water - when removing stains, if you can't wash sofa and cushion covers. Hot water is more likely to 'set' the stain than cold.
  • Clearing behind the fridge - if you can move your fridge/freezer safely, once a year or so use your vacuum cleaner to clear dust off the cooler element on the back of the appliance to improve performance.
  • Buff lightbulbs - to give instant bright shine. Do this carefully and not while lights are switched on or hot from use. Bulbs and lightshades often attract dust and can benefit from a careful dusting.
  • Dry as you clean - after your cleaning products have worked wonders on the bathroom taps and shower heads, dry them off for an amazing extra shine.
  • Vacuum beyond carpets - use a smaller suction head to vacuum around the corners underneath cushions on your armchairs and sofa. Reduce the suction setting then using the cleaner’s extended attachment to clean dust off curtains and their fixings.
  • Turn mattresses - ideally every two weeks for beds in nightly use. When you turn the mattress, don't forget to flip it end to end too, to even out wear and tear.

Savvy tip 
When you're spring cleaning, get four boxes and 'file' everything into one of the following: put away, attic, charity/sell, chuck out. Ideally make the 'put away' box smaller than the others and if you're disciplined it won't overflow!